7055 Inc Drop-shipping Partnership FAQ

We know that getting new vendors set up for drop-shipping on your new or existing eCommerce retail site can be a challenge, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions we’ve received during the on-boarding process.

I want to sell 7055 Inc’s product line. How do I start?

The first step is to complete the new user sign up here. We will review your information and be in contact to start the setup process. As we work through the sign-up process you’ll be provided with product and company information so you can move forward on your end.

Do you have a spreadsheet that I can use to quickly upload your products to my site?

Yes! When you start the drop-ship registration process with us, we’ll give you an excel document that contains everything about our products. You’ll find the SKU, weight & dimensions of each product and for each packaged product, image links, product descriptions, prices, and more.

How do I submit orders?

We have a variety of options for receiving orders. We can receive orders via email, vendor portal, daily excel upload, directly through our site or via phone. If you have another method of submitting orders already in place, just let us know and we’ll work with you to get this process working smoothly for you.

How do I pay for orders I’ve placed?

New customers will be required to place a credit card on file with us or pay for each order when placed, and prior to shipment. After establishing a working relationship, you may request a credit application to work with us on Net terms. Some accounts may be required to maintain a backup card on file in order to receive terms.

If a customer receives a damaged or defective shipment, what do I do?

If the product is defective, we ask that the customer send you photos of the defect (which you can then forward to us in your initial claim) so we can approve a replacement. Once we verify the defect, we will immediately send a replacement shipment and send you a return label so the customer can return the defective piece (in the original packaging and in original condition). If we do not receive the defective item back within 30 days of original shipment, we will charge you for both orders.

If the product was damaged during shipping, we also ask for customer photos of the damage to both the product and the package. Customers may be required to hold the packaging and product for up to 30 days in the event that the carrier requires inspection for an insurance claim. If there is no claim, we may replace the product and send a return label to be handled in the same manner as a defect claim. Alternatively, we may replace the product and advise the customer to dispose of the damaged item.

How do we handle buyers’ remorse returns?

If the customer receives a product and does not want it, but there is no damage or defects, we need to be notified immediately of a return request. We only accept these return for 30 days. (That means the return shipment must be scanned in by the return carrier within this time frame.) We will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number must be displayed on the box or the return shipping label so we know where to credit the return. Buyers are responsible for shipping the product back to us in the original package and undamaged. We recommend that buyers insure return shipments in case of damage. If a buyers’ remorse return arrives damaged, we will not issue a refund for that product. Returns that do not have a RMA will not be issued any credit or refund.

When product has been returned successfully, we will notify you of the successful return so you can credit your customer appropriately. Accounts with Net terms will be issued a Credit Memo while accounts with card-on-file will be issued a credit on the original card.

I see products on your site that are not included in the product information file – why are these missing?

When we roll out new products on 7055inc.com, we are often still in the refinement stage of our product life cycle. If you see products listed that are not included on the product feed, these products are not yet ready for drop-shipping and are only available to customers on 7055inc.com. Often we are still market testing new colors, may have an element of the product that is not standardized for production, is still being modified in some way or is simply an evolving work-in-progress. If you come across these products, feel free to drop us a note with feedback about them. We welcome all comments, and this will sometimes help us complete the roll-out process so you can also list the final product.

Who covers the cost of shipping?

Our drop-ship pricing already includes the cost of the box and packaging materials from our warehouse. You have two options with the actual shipping charges on your shipments. Most drop-ship customers prefer to provide a carrier account number with either UPS or FedEx. In this case, we simply use your account to process our shipments. This lets you maintain control of shipping costs on your end, track shipments and returns, and have a clearer picture of your drop-ship activity with 7055 Inc. The second options is that we will simply add the shipping charges to your invoice before issuing the final charge. This option is often more appropriate for someone just starting with drop shipping.

What are the various columns on the product feed file, and how do I use them?

  • SKU/UPC: This number will be on the hang-tag with each product. This is our in-house product number as well as the UPC to be used any time this product is listed. You may not use your own UPC on our products, but you are free to use your own system for SKU’s
  • Name: This is the product name. This must be included in the product title. Some marketplaces require additional information to be added to the product title, and that is fine to do as long as the original product name is included.
  • Case: This is a case quantity on this product. As you continue to grow, you may want to bring some products in-house for more shipping and inventory control. If you choose to enter in case quantities you’ll not only receive a stocking dealer discount, but may be eligible for case quantity discounts. Please contact us when you’re ready to discuss this further.
  • Drop Ship: This is the price you will pay for this product when we ship it out to your customer. This included a drop-ship fee to cover the cost of boxes and packaging, but does not include the cost of shipping. If you choose to not provide a shipping account, we will add the actual shipping charge to this when shipping your package. If you have provided a shipping account, this is the total cost to you.
  • MAP: Minimum Advertised Price – When we give you permission to carry our products, you agree to represent them in a way that is consistent with our brand. This means we have set minimum prices that may be publicly advertised. You may have seen products on a site such as amazon.com that say “Add to cart to see the price.” These are products being sold for less than MAP. The price may not be advertised lower than the stated MAP, but may be offered to serious buyers when adding to their cart. Additionally, any marketing or promotions for 7055 Inc’s product line may not show product prices lower than MAP. If you have additional questions about MAP, we will be more than happy to help you work through this to benefit our mutual customers.
  • Retail Price: This is the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). We have tested sales of our product with price variations and we know this price works well in most markets while guaranteeing you a healthy markup. You are always welcome to sell at a higher price, but we have not tested the market much higher than this.
  • Product Length/Height/Width/Weight: These are actual product dimensions and weight for customer information.
  • Shipping Length/Height/Width/Weight: This information is for each item being shipped. For most stores this is enough information to auto-calculate shipping costs for the end consumer.
  • Description: This is our standardized description for our products. We ask that you stick to these descriptions when listing our products. If descriptions are modified and it results in a customer return, we will not issue a credit due to errant descriptions in the listing.
  • Color: This is our in-house color name. We recommend sticking with these names whenever possible, as we often have multiple tones of a single color. For example, we have a Candy Red, Red Foil and Electric Red finish. If these are all listed as simply “red,” it’s going to create an unpleasant experience for a customer who orders multiple red tones and expects them to all match.
  • Material: This is the primary material used in producing this product.
  • Collection: This is our in-house collection name. We group products into collections that allow most retailers to carry or exclude entire collections, based on their unique niche markets.

Where do I get photos?

During your account creation process, we will send you a link to download both white-background product images and lifestyle images showing the product in an everyday setting. We recommend using both, as this gives customers useful decorating ideas as well as showing them the product details.