Wholesale Pricing Policies

We offer a variety of tiers that allow various types of wholesale customers to find success by reselling our products. If you do not see a model listed here that fits your unique business needs, please contact us to see how we can work together to develop a strategy that will work for you.

Stocking Dealer

Stocking Dealers are traditional wholesale customers. These are customers who regularly order in bulk for a traditional brick & mortar store or a traditional online retailer warehouse. These customers do not have minimum reorder requirements, but may only receive product shipments to their store or warehouse locations. We do allow a limited number of drop-ship orders (at the drop-ship price tier) from our Stocking Dealers, but most orders must be bulk orders being delivered to a commercial address on file.


Drop-ship customers order at our standard Drop-Ship Rates. These rates are slightly higher because they include the cost of prepping individual products for shipment and the shipping materials used. Drop-ship customers are required to complete an on-boarding process at 7055inc.com and may be restricted by our drop-ship terms agreement.


Our Minimum Advertised Price is strictly enforced. Violations of this policy may result in refusal of future orders. If a wholesale customer wishes to publicly advertise a product at a lower price than MAP, they may contact us for an exemption for specific products in a specific time frame. Stocking Dealers may price products at lower than MAP, but may not publicly advertise or market that price. Likewise, online retailers may offer products at a lower price than MAP, but must hide pricing behind a filter (for example, a button that says “add to cart to see price”) so as to prevent that lower price from being indexed in search results. By placing an order with 7055, Inc, you are agreeing to abide by these MAP policies and to report violations should you become aware of them.


We offer a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price with every product. We have market tested our products in a variety of environments and locations to help determine this price. In most cases, this suggested retail price will allow you a 100% markup on our items. We always encourage new wholesale customers to begin their pricing strategy with these prices, then adjust accordingly for your unique market and niche.