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Summer 2022:

Production and Design Team Intern:

This is an opportunity for a current college student to gain hands-on experience in a non-traditional production and product development environment. 

Intern candidates must be within one year of graduation from an Iowa College or University, but not yet graduated, and will be expected to come on board with a base knowledge of welding and fabrication skills. Knowledge of painting and finishing are also helpful, but not required. The intern will learn and utilize a variety of production and finishing methods to create and produce a range of home decor products.  

Experiences will include: welding, CNC, CAD, hand tools, painting & finishing, jig building, production testing, product costing & more.

After demonstrating mastery of skills, the intern will be guided through the team process of designing one or more new decor products and preparing them for production and marketing.  

This internship lasts a minimum of 8 weeks from May to August and requires 30-40 hours per week.

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