Sprig Circles Set



The Sprig Circles Metal Art Set is a set of 3 circles crafted from high-quality steel. This set is meant for use with the Sprig metal art sculpture, providing a versatile way for you to get creative with your configurations for the week, season, or year. They can be easily swapped, mixed, and matched to achieve your desired look.

 Furthermore, the 3 circles included with your chosen color feature one with a 4″ diameter and two with a 3″ diameter. We recommend purchasing several colors so you can mix and match them together for a unique look. Most of our customers enjoy aligning the colors with the particular season theme, such as bright yellow and green tones for the summer and orange/brown tones for the autumn.

The Sprig Circles Metal Art Set comes in a wide range of color choices, including vibrant candy tones and polished copper/silver colors.

  • Dimensions:
      • 1 x 4″ circle
      • 2 x 3″ circles
  • Color options: candy blue, candy green, candy orange, candy purple, candy raspberry, candy red, candy teal, candy yellow, polished silver
  • Set of 3 circles
  • Crafted from quality steel
  • Meant for use with the Sprig metal art sculpture

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in

Candy Blue, Candy Green, Candy Orange, Candy Purple, Candy Raspberry, Candy Red, Candy Teal, Candy Yellow, Distressed Copper, Polished Copper, Polished Silver, Teal Splash


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